The worms recluse belongs to the cestodes. They is worms dish and ribboned.



Pathogenic agent

It is flat, ribboned, from 5 to 7 meters length. It comprises several parts:

•             The head or scolex,  who makes from 1 to 2 mm length,  tiny, pyriforme,  and which comprises with its former part 4 suction cups to be fixed.

•             A narrowed part made of rings of such kind that posterior are oldest. These rings or proglottis are blanchâtres and of forms quadrangular,  rounded on the angles (they make from 1 to 2 mm out of 16 to 20 length).

It comprises:

•             a male genital apparatus.

•             a female genital apparatus.

Progressively with fecundation,  one finds in each rings of the bags full of eggs called embryophores.

Let us note that the wall of these rings is made muscle fibres smooth allowing displacement.

Tank of parasites

The final tank is the man.


The rings are detached from the posterior part by passivity or actively in the saddles.

The eggs proliferate in the Bovidae (one says that the ox is the intermediate host there is release of the embryos hexacanthes under the effect of the gastric juices. They perforate the wall of the digestive tract then, pass in the muscle then divide of structures cystic or cysticerque which include/understand several layers.

These cysts make a few millimetres 1 cm from diameter and can remain quiescent until bovidé either killed then eaten by the man (action of the gastric juices of the man, devagination, then the scolex buds).

Mode of contamination

The insufficiently cooked ox.

Geographical distribution

All the areas or one finds beef.

Private clinic

When there is establishment, digestive demonstrations are noted (pains, in particular pseudo ulcerous with gastric demonstrations).

When Taenia is adult, this parasitosis is dumb clinically: one can find rings in the souvêtements or in cloths.

One can also note the presence of disorders such as the bulimia and the diarrhoea.

Lastly,  neurological possibility of disorders in the child.

The diagnosis

•             paraclinic by endoscopy, Taenia being fixed on the duodenum.

•             by examination of rings, present in the souvêtements.

•             by examination of saddles (does not cause increase in IgE total).


One uses a simple drug, Niclosamide (DCI) (Tredemine®).

Its effectiveness is not systematic,  also is necessary it to give a purging saltworks (Epsom salt).

One then notes the evacuation of possible Taenias resistant.

However, this drug should not be used at the pregnant woman also one is accustomed to using pumpkin seeds or marrows (fresh, chopped, surroundings 100 gr.).

Indeed, the bark of these seeds contains an alkaloid (ARECOLINE) which is powerful a ténicide.

Today, there are controls very frequent of the Bovidae by experienced veterinary surgeons who examine the most suitable places or can place Taenia (ex, the language).



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