The increasing number of patients each year usually causes the shortage of flu vaccines. However, not all flu vaccines have the same ingredients since there there's the existence of the regular flu as well as the H1N1 or swine flu virus. H1N1 or swine flu is the most threatening among the two types of major flu viruses because it was the culprit of the 2009 pandemic.

People around the world wanted to know where to get flu vaccination for precautionary measure during the pandemic. But with limited amounts of vaccines, many people needed to wait until the next batch of vaccines are ready. 

Where to get flu vaccination is a primary concern in numerous locations due to the limited distribution. While processing the new batch of supplies, the last one would already be distributed within a couple of hours. And since the vaccine was produced with the patients' urgent needs in mind, the rising concerns due to lack of testing loomed across continents. Many people were against it, but the situation left them with no other choice especially if they were high-risk patients.

These days, there are still many people who find untested flu shots unsettling. But for people with family members who suffered the virus, they have nothing to turn to but the vaccine especially if they are high-risk patients. The priority is still those that are more prone to the virus and the supply of vaccines continues to improve each day.

If you have been thinking of where to get flu vaccination for free, you can check with the local health groups that coordinate with the government. Most of the free vaccination campaigns are preventative and are offered to those who cannot pay for a few sessions of flu vaccines.

For any announcement, you may visit your local school, church, health centers and pharmacy. It's also best to contact the local physicians or pediatric clinics if you wish to know if they are participating with the campaign.

Lastly, you can always browse the internet for any local or national flu vaccination announcements. You'll find information on where to get flu vaccination through the net when there are updates from blogs, social media, health and news sites. 

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