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The temporal bone articulates with the occipital, parietal, sphenoid, malar, and by a movable joint with the mandible. Occasionally the squamosal presents a process which articulates with the frontal. A fronto-squamosal suture is common in the skulls of the lower races of men, and is normal in the skulls of the chimpanzee, gorilla, and gibbon.


The muscles connected with the temporal bone are:

To the mastoid process:

  • Sterno-mastoid.
  • Splenius capitis.
  • Trachelo-mastoid.
  • Digastric.
  • Occipito-frontalis.
  • Attrahens aurem.
  • Retrahens aurem.
  • Attollens aurem.

To the styloid process :

  • Stylo-glossus.
  • Stylo-hyoid.
  • Stylo-pharyngeus.
  • To the zygoma:
  • Masseter.
  • Intrisic muscles
  • Stapedius.
  • Tensor tympani.
  • To the petrosal
  • Levator palati.


  • Capsular of temporo-mandibular joint.
  • Interarticular of temporo-mandibular joint.
  • Internal lateral of temporo-mandibular joint.
  • External lateral of temporo-mandibular joint.
  • Stylo-hyoid.
  • Stylo-maxillary.
  • Petro-sphenoidal.
  • Ligaments connected with the ear-bones:
  • Anterior ligament of malleus (laxator tympani).
  • External ligament of malleus.
  • Superior ligament of malleus.
  • Ligament of incus.

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