The following is a list of the books of the Hippocratic collection, that treat of external nosography and therapeutics, according to the translation of Gardeil:


1. The Laboratory of the Surgeon, in which dressings, bandaging, and the use of apparatus is taught.

2. On Fractures, a treatise which appears above the anatomical knowledge of the times.

3. On Articulations or Luxations, which seems to be a continuation of the preceding work.

4. The Mochlic, an extract, or small abridgement of the book on fractures, and the one on luxations.

5. Wounds of the Head, a monograph, extremely remarkable for the perfection with which the subject is treated.

6. On Sight, and Diseases of the Eye--mere fragments, not of much value.

7. On Wounds--mere fragments, not of much value.

8. On Fistula--monographs > passably good.

9. Hemorrhoids--monographs > passably good.

A glance of the eye is sufficient to show that a great amount of matter that belongs to Surgery, is not mentioned such as penetrating wounds of the chest and abdomen, hernia, and vesicular calculi. The Hippocratic works describe only a very small number of surgical operations, and with the exception of the treatises on fractures, luxations, and the monograph on wounds of the head, it may be said of all the other books mentioned above, that they only glance at the subject whose title they bear. In fine, all the fragments, re-united, are very far from composing a complete treatise on surgery, or a treatise that may be compared with those that belong to the next historical epoch ; but it is probable, and even certain that we do not possess all the surgical works of the Hippocratic authors ; what we have, though, prove that the Asclepiadae carried this branch of the healing art to a degree of perfection no less remarkable than that of internal Medicine. 

 From History of Medicine by P.V. Renouard M.D.

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