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r-selected species
Glossaries - Biology glossary

species suited to changing environments that produce many offspring and provide little or no parental care

radial cleavage
Glossaries - Biology glossary

cleavage axes are parallel or perpendicular to the polar axis, resulting in the alignment of cells between the two poles

radial glia
Glossaries - Biology glossary

glia that serve as scaffolds for developing neurons as they migrate to their final destinations

radial symmetry
Glossaries - Biology glossary

type of symmetry with multiple planes of symmetry, with body parts (rays) arranged around a central disk

radiation hybrid mapping
Glossaries - Biology glossary

information obtained by fragmenting the chromosome with x-rays

Glossaries - Biology glossary

original root that develops from the germinating seed

Glossaries - Biology glossary

isotope that emits radiation comprised of subatomic particles to form more stable elements

Glossaries - Biology glossary

organism that grows in high levels of radiation

Glossaries - Biology glossary

bone located along the lateral (thumb) side of the forearm; articulates with the humerus at the elbow

Glossaries - Biology glossary

tongue-like organ with chitinous ornamentation

Glossaries - Biology glossary

slit in the silica shell of diatoms through which the protist secretes a stream of mucopolysaccharides for locomotion and attachment to substrates

reaction center
Glossaries - Biology glossary

complex of chlorophyll molecules and other organic molecules that is assembled around a special pair of chlorophyll molecules and a primary electron acceptor; capable of undergoing oxidation and reduction

reading frame
Glossaries - Biology glossary

sequence of triplet codons in mRNA that specify a particular protein; a ribosome shift of one or two nucleotides in either direction completely abolishes synthesis of that protein

Glossaries - Biology glossary

receipt of a signal (such as light or sound) by sensory receptors

receptive field
Glossaries - Biology glossary

region in space in which a stimulus can activate a given sensory receptor

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