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lung capacity
Glossaries - Biology glossary

measurement of two or more lung volumes (how much air can be inhaled from the end of an expiration to maximal capacity)

luteinizing hormone (LH)
Glossaries - Biology glossary

reproductive hormone in both men and women, causes testosterone production in men and ovulation and lactation in women

Glossaries - Biology glossary

club moss

Glossaries - Biology glossary

watery fluid that bathes tissues and organs with protective white blood cells and does not contain erythrocytes

lymph node
Glossaries - Biology glossary

specialized organ that contains a large number of macrophages that clean the lymph before the fluid is returned to the heart

Glossaries - Biology glossary

leukocyte that is histologically identifiable by its large nuclei; it is a small cell with very little cytoplasm

Glossaries - Biology glossary

bursting of a cell

lysis buffer
Glossaries - Biology glossary

solution to break the cell membrane and release cell contents

lysogenic cycle
Glossaries - Biology glossary

type of virus replication in which the viral genome is incorporated into the genome of the host cell

Glossaries - Biology glossary

organelle in an animal cell that functions as the cell’s digestive component; it breaks down proteins, polysaccharides, lipids, nucleic acids, and even worn-out organelles

lytic cycle
Glossaries - Biology glossary

type of virus replication in which virions are released through lysis, or bursting, of the cell

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