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Glossaries - Biology glossary

first filial generation in a cross; the offspring of the parental generation

Glossaries - Biology glossary

second filial generation produced when F1 individuals are self-crossed or fertilized with each other

facial bone
Glossaries - Biology glossary

one of the 14 bones that form the face; provides cavities for the sense organs (eyes, mouth, and nose) and attachment points for facial muscles

facilitated transport
Glossaries - Biology glossary

process by which material moves down a concentration gradient (from high to low concentration) using integral membrane proteins

Glossaries - Biology glossary

complex that “facilitates chromatin transcription” by disassembling nucleosomes ahead of a transcribing RNA polymerase II and reassembling them after the polymerase passes by

facultative anaerobes
Glossaries - Biology glossary

organisms that can perform both aerobic and anaerobic respiration and can survive in oxygen-rich and oxygen-poor environment

fall and spring turnover
Glossaries - Biology glossary

seasonal process that recycles nutrients and oxygen from the bottom of a freshwater ecosystem to the top

Glossaries - Biology glossary

direct deposit of solid minerals on land or in the ocean from the atmosphere

false negative
Glossaries - Biology glossary

incorrect test result that should have been positive

Glossaries - Biology glossary

able to be disproven by experimental results

Glossaries - Biology glossary

division of order in the taxonomic classification system

Glossaries - Biology glossary

potential reproductive capacity of an individual

feedback inhibition
Glossaries - Biology glossary

a product's effect of a reaction sequence to decrease its further production by inhibiting the first enzyme's activity in the pathway that produces it

Glossaries - Biology glossary

(also, thighbone) longest, heaviest, and strongest bone in the body

Glossaries - Biology glossary

process of regenerating NAD+ with either an inorganic or organic compound serving as the final electron acceptor; occurs in the absence of oxygen

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