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density-dependent regulation
Glossaries - Biology glossary

regulation of population that is influenced by population density, such as crowding effects; usually involves biotic factors

density-independent regulation
Glossaries - Biology glossary

regulation of populations by factors that operate independent of population density, such as forest fires and volcanic eruptions; usually involves abiotic factors

Glossaries - Biology glossary

single bone that comprises the lower jaw of mammals

Glossaries - Biology glossary

individual DNA monomer (single unit)

deoxyribonucleic acid
Glossaries - Biology glossary

double-helical molecule that carries the hereditary information of the cell.

Synonyms - DNA
Glossaries - Biology glossary

removal of a phosphate group from a molecule

Glossaries - Biology glossary

change in the membrane potential to a less negative value

Glossaries - Biology glossary

movement downward of a bone, such as after the shoulders are shrugged and the scapulae return to their normal position from an elevated position; opposite of elevation

dermal tissue
Glossaries - Biology glossary

protective plant tissue covering the outermost part of the plant; controls gas exchange

descending limb
Glossaries - Biology glossary

part of the loop of Henle that descends from the renal cortex into the renal medulla

descriptive science
Glossaries - Biology glossary

(also, discovery science) form of science that aims to observe, explore, and investigate

Glossaries - Biology glossary

linkages between adjacent epithelial cells that form when cadherins in the plasma membrane attach to intermediate filaments

determinate cleavage
Glossaries - Biology glossary

cleavage pattern in which developmental fate of each blastomere is tightly defined

detrital food web
Glossaries - Biology glossary

type of food web in which the primary consumers consist of decomposers; these are often associated with grazing food webs within the same ecosystem

Glossaries - Biology glossary

former form phylum of fungi that do not have a known sexual reproductive cycle (presently members of two phyla: Ascomycota and Basidiomycota)

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