Fast foods appeal to many people. They are cheap, filled with tasty flavors and fit in today’s fast paced world where many people hardly have enough time to cook their own meals.

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away and when you look at their nutritional content, it’s easy to see why. These tasty fruits contain high levels of fiber, vitamin C and flavonols. They’re also a great fruit for weight loss with a medium apple containing just 95 calories. In this article I’ll be expanding on why apples are so good and listing five of their top health benefits.

When it comes to eating healthy, most people don’t give alcohol a second thought. They change the actual foods they’re eating but continue drinking the same types and quantities of alcohol as they did before. However, alcoholic drinks often contain more calories and can be worse for you in terms of health than junk food. So if you really want to improve your overall health, you need to be factoring in your alcohol consumption.

We are what we eat, and that includes our children. The food and snacks they put into their bodies each day are what make up their cells and fuel their energy.  Healthy eating aimed at children is designed to increase their energy, their health and their potential for a healthy life as they grow older.

The trend these days is towards getting healthier. But, some of the choices that are being suggested to us are anything but healthy. Here, we will discuss artificial sweeteners and why they are not as good as they seem for the body.

On the eve of the upcoming gargantuan Christmas and New Year's Eve meals, the question is on our minds: can we gain weight after a single meal of excess? (or two).

Avocados are a unique fruit that have a rich, creamy flavor and due to their high fat content, they offer some very unique health benefits. This article will provide you with a full overview of five of the main health benefits of avocados. 

What is it about winter that makes us reach for the food? Well, things are slowing down and eating is one of those activities you can do without much effort. But, what are we eating? Here are some suggestions for winter comfort foods that are healthy.

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