The abductor minimi digiti - named from its action - is fusiform and somewhat flattened.

The flexor brevis minimi digiti- named from its action - is small and fusiform.

The pectineus - named from pecten (=pubes) on account of its origin from the bone - is a quadrilateral sheet.

The opponens minimi digiti (= flexor ossis metacarpi minimi digiti) - named from its action - is a triangular fanshaped sheet.

The sartorius- named somewhat erroneously from sartor, a tailor, because it has been supposed to be the muscle by which the cross-legged sitting posture is produced- is a long, ribbon- shaped muscle slightly fusiform at the two ends.

The coracobrachialis muscle (French: muscle coraco-brachial) - named from its attachment to the coracoid process and he upper arm braclhium - is a cylindrical muscle, but somewhat fusiform at the extremities.

The psoas parvus - a small muscle, only occasionally present, named from its positic in the loins and its small size - is fusiform and somewhat flattened.

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