The DNA of prokaryotes is organized into a circular chromosome, supercoiled within the nucleoid region of the cell cytoplasm.

Muscle in humans has an average density of 1055.

For a cell to function properly, necessary proteins must be synthesized at the proper time and place.

The tendon, whether long or short, cylindrical or flattened, joins by one of its extremities with the corresponding muscular body; by the other, it is inserted into various formations which, depending on the case, are a piece of bone, cartilage, fascia, etc., and is then inserted into the muscular body.

Birds build nests and migrate as winter approaches. Infants suckle at their mother’s breast.

 Here, we want to expand these concepts to a thermodynamic system and its environment.

We include under this heading of appendices: 1° the aponeuroses, which cover the muscles or even envelop them entirely

The synthesis of proteins consumes more of a cell’s energy than any other metabolic process.

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