Dental health

Many people have grown up with those cheery little songs on television detailing how often you should brush your teeth. "Three times a day" is the standard refrain for tooth brushing commercials and ditties. Children are taught to brush their teeth after every meal in order to maintain proper dental hygiene. Is brushing your teeth after every single meal the best way to stay healthy and avoid cavities? Dentists have new ideas regarding when and why we should brush our teeth at least twice each day. 

There are many foods and beverages that a person consumes that affect the teeth. Although sugar is generally thought to be the main cause of cavities and tooth decay, it is actually acid that damages teeth most often. The effects of acid on teeth can be quite severe. Much of the tooth replacement work that is accomplished in a dentist's office is due to tooth exposure to acid. Where the acid comes from and how it gets into your teeth will probably surprise you.

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