Do you feel exhausted lately? Are you having a hard time carrying out your usually routine because you get tired easily? Maybe you might have low iron, especially if you are a woman.

One of the most serious health-related problems that a person can face in life is leukemia. The reason for this is simply the fact that this is a disease that has a staggering mortality rate. A simple example of the danger of this disease would be that, in 2000 alone, around 26,000 people developed a case of leukemia. However, the real threat is made visible by the fact that 81 percent, which amounts to 209,000, of all the people affected died. Even though the disease is fairly well known in the world, many people still do not know all the symptoms of the disease. The result is that people freak out with minimal signs.

Protein is the first element accepted as a vital part of living tissue. It accounts for 20 percent of our body weight and it has various functions throughout the body and is an important component of enzymes, body tissues and immune cells.

Suffering from acne can cause so much embarrassment that many people would rather not discuss their condition.

Sickle cell anemia is a lifelong, chronic disease that affects over 72,000 people in the United States. In most cases, there are not continual symptoms but periodic painful attacks. It can also weaken the immune system and cause other complications such as strokes. People with sickle cell anemia also typically have a shortened lifespan. There is no cure for this disease but treatment options are available.

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