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Glossaries - Biology glossary

method of asexual reproduction where a portion of the stem contains nodes and internodes is placed in moist soil and allowed to root

Glossaries - Biology glossary

bacteria that evolved from early phototrophs and oxygenated the atmosphere; also known as blue-green algae

Glossaries - Biology glossary

gymnosperm that grows in tropical climates and resembles a palm tree; member of the phylum Cycadophyta

cyclic AMP (cAMP)
Glossaries - Biology glossary

second messenger that is derived from ATP

cyclic AMP-dependent kinase
Glossaries - Biology glossary

(also, protein kinase A, or PKA) kinase that is activated by binding to cAMP

Glossaries - Biology glossary

larval stage in the early development of crustaceans

cytochrome complex
Glossaries - Biology glossary

group of reversibly oxidizable and reducible proteins that forms part of the electron transport chain between photosystem II and photosystem I

cytogenetic mapping
Glossaries - Biology glossary

technique that uses a microscope to create a map from stained chromosomes

Glossaries - Biology glossary

chemical messenger that regulates cell differentiation, proliferation, gene expression, and cell trafficking to effect immune responses

Glossaries - Biology glossary

plant hormone that promotes cell division

Glossaries - Biology glossary
Glossaries - Biology glossary

entire region between the plasma membrane and the nuclear envelope, consisting of organelles suspended in the gel-like cytosol, the cytoskeleton, and various chemicals

cytoplasmic streaming
Glossaries - Biology glossary

movement of cytoplasm into an extended pseudopod such that the entire cell is transported to the site of the pseudopod

Glossaries - Biology glossary

protein fiber network that collectively maintains the cell's shape, secures some organelles in specific positions, allows cytoplasm and vesicles to move within the cell, and enables unicellular organisms to move independently

Glossaries - Biology glossary

the cytoplasm's gel-like material in which cell structures are suspended

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