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Glossaries - Psychology

effects of misinformation from external sources that leads to the creation of false memories

Glossaries - Psychology

(plural: sulci) depressions or grooves in the cerebral cortex

Glossaries - Psychology

aspect of the personality that serves as one’s moral compass, or conscience

suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN)
Glossaries - Psychology

area of the hypothalamus in which the body’s biological clock is located

Glossaries - Psychology

list of questions to be answered by research participants—given as paper-and-pencil questionnaires, administered electronically, or conducted verbally—allowing researchers to collect data from a large number of people

sympathetic nervous system
Glossaries - Psychology

involved in stress-related activities and functions

synaptic cleft
Glossaries - Psychology

small gap between two neurons where communication occurs

synaptic vesicle
Glossaries - Psychology
Glossaries - Psychology

manner by which words are organized into sentences