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effortful processing
Glossaries - Psychology

encoding of information that takes effort and attention

Glossaries - Psychology

aspect of personality that represents the self, or the part of one’s personality that is visible to others

Glossaries - Psychology

preoperational child’s difficulty in taking the perspective of others

elaborative rehearsal
Glossaries - Psychology

thinking about the meaning of new information and its relation to knowledge already stored in your memory

electroencephalography (EEG)
Glossaries - Psychology

recording the electrical activity of the brain via electrodes on the scalp

Glossaries - Psychology

multi-cellular organism in its early stages of development

emerging adulthood
Glossaries - Psychology

newly defined period of lifespan development from 18 years old to the mid-20s;
young people are taking longer to complete college, get a job, get married, and start a family

Glossaries - Psychology

subjective state of being often described as feelings

emotional intelligence
Glossaries - Psychology

ability to understand emotions and motivations in yourself and others

Glossaries - Psychology

grounded in objective, tangible evidence that can be observed time and time again, regardless of who is observing

empirical method
Glossaries - Psychology

method for acquiring knowledge based on observation, including experimentation, rather than a method based only on forms of logical argument or previous authorities

Glossaries - Psychology

input of information into the memory system

endocrine system
Glossaries - Psychology

series of glands that produce chemical substances known as hormones

Glossaries - Psychology

physical trace of memory

Glossaries - Psychology

study of gene-environment interactions, such as how the same genotype leads to different phenotypes

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