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Glossaries - Psychology

adjustment of a schema by adding information similar to what is already known

associative learning
Glossaries - Psychology

form of learning that involves connecting certain stimuli or events that occur together in the environment (classical and operant conditioning)

Atkinson-Shiffrin model
Glossaries - Psychology

memory model that states we process information through three systems: sensory memory, short-term memory, and long-term memory

Glossaries - Psychology

long-standing connection or bond with others

Glossaries - Psychology

reduction in number of research participants as some drop out of the study over time

auditory cortex
Glossaries - Psychology

strip of cortex in the temporal lobe that is responsible for processing auditory information

authoritarian parenting style
Glossaries - Psychology

parents place a high value on conformity and obedience, are often rigid, and express little warmth to the child

authoritative parenting style
Glossaries - Psychology

parents give children reasonable demands and consistent limits, express warmth and affection, and listen to the child’s point of view

automatic processing
Glossaries - Psychology

encoding of informational details like time, space, frequency, and the meaning of words

autonomic nervous system
Glossaries - Psychology

controls our internal organs and glands

availability heuristic
Glossaries - Psychology

faulty heuristic in which you make a decision based on information readily available to you

avoidant attachment
Glossaries - Psychology

characterized by child’s unresponsiveness to parent, does not use the parent as a secure base, and does not care if parent leaves

Glossaries - Psychology

major extension of the soma

bariatric surgery
Glossaries - Psychology

type of surgery that modifies the gastrointestinal system to reduce the amount of food that can be eaten and/or limiting how much of the digested food can be absorbed

basolateral complex
Glossaries - Psychology

part of the brain with dense connections with a variety of sensory areas of the brain; it is critical for classical conditioning and attaching emotional value to memory