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corpus callosum
Glossaries - Psychology

thick band of neural fibers connecting the brain’s two hemispheres

Glossaries - Psychology

relationship between two or more variables; when two variables are correlated, one variable changes as the other does

correlation coefficient
Glossaries - Psychology

number from -1 to +1, indicating the strength and direction of the relationship between variables, and usually represented by r

counseling psychology
Glossaries - Psychology

area of psychology that focuses on improving emotional, social, vocational, and other aspects of the lives of psychologically healthy individuals

creative intelligence
Glossaries - Psychology

ability to produce new products, ideas, or inventing a new, novel solution to a problem

Glossaries - Psychology

ability to generate, create, or discover new ideas, solutions, and possibilities

critical (sensitive) period
Glossaries - Psychology

time during fetal growth when specific parts or organs develop

cross-sectional research
Glossaries - Psychology

compares multiple segments of a population at a single time

crystallized intelligence
Glossaries - Psychology

characterized by acquired knowledge and the ability to retrieve it

cultural display rule
Glossaries - Psychology

one of the culturally specific standards that govern the types and frequencies of emotions that are acceptable

cultural intelligence
Glossaries - Psychology

ability with which people can understand and relate to those in another culture

Glossaries - Psychology

all of the beliefs, customs, art, and traditions of a particular society

Glossaries - Psychology

when an experiment involved deception, participants are told complete and truthful information about the experiment at its conclusion

Glossaries - Psychology

purposely misleading experiment participants in order to maintain the integrity of the experiment

declarative memory
Glossaries - Psychology

type of long-term memory of facts and events we personally experience

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